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[Throwback] Sydney Beach Wedding Ceremony :: Warriewood Beach - Kris + Markus

This was my very first Sydney beach wedding video ever produced. I truly thank Kris and Markus trusted me and having me to capture their special day 3 years ago.

Warriewood Beach just like some others beaches in Sydney, it's perfect for wedding. Despite it was not as busy as Bondi or Balmoral, the sand is smooth and the view is incredible. Kris and Markus had their ceremony on sand at about 1pm, followed by drinks, snacks, and live music in the whole afternoon. At about 5pm, guests started walking in to the Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club for the wedding reception. WSLSC got an amazing view overlooking the ocean.

I think the video speaks for itself and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wedding ceremony - Warriewood Beach

Wedding reception - Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club

Photographer - Derek Bogart

Civil celebrant - Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant

Why I film candid and documentary wedding videos

I have been a wedding videographer since 2011, during the last 5 years, I produced more than a hundred of wedding videos in documentary style. Why not cinematic?? Why not making wedding videos like Hollywood movies?? I have seen quite a few couples being directed to pose for photos and videos during their special days but most of them were not enjoying, simply because they had been stressed, tired on the days and having plenty of things to manage in weddings, how would a person enjoys posing in front of cameras on one of the tensest day in his/her life. However I admit that some couples would love to act and being directed.

Shooting weddings or events in candid style is not as straight forward as you think. Firstly, documentary wedding videographers have to keep an eye on what is happening around the couples, families and guests, catching special moments or reactions while the subjects not noticing you are pointing cameras at them. If the moments could not be captured, they were gone, no second take. (by the way, I do not ask brides and grooms to act or do something again because of I failed to capture it.) Secondly, these days wedding cinematographers have some sort of standard scenes in their mind and will apply the same scenes to different couples. This approach ensure cinematographers get what they want and smooth the workflow in editing, however, this has caused the same act/scene appeared in wedding videos of different couples. I found it's a bit weird as every couple has unique personality. I personally treat each wedding as a unique project and I want to show the real characteristics of brides and grooms in their wedding videos, I strongly believe this naturalistic approach would make the videos long lasting and memorable.

Back to basic, just let the day unfolds by itself are the most suitable approach to create a memorable wedding video, IMHO.

Susan + Justin's wedding Susan + Justin's wedding was at Peppers Creek Village Hunter Valley

Gledswood Homestead & Winery - Ly + Mawat's wedding highlights

Gledswood Homestead & Winery :: Grand Royale wedding - Ly + Mawat wedding highlights(Sydney wedding video)

I remembered the first time I met with Ly...she came to my studio with her lovely daughter, told me the story of hers and Mawat's, went through the details of her wedding day, I strongly felt that I was going to capture a very special and sweet wedding.

I was very pleased to be part of this lovely wedding. Heartfelt congratulations to Ly and Mawat!

Wedding ceremony - Gledswood Homestead & Winery (
Wedding reception - Grand Royale (

Booking please contact
website - Sunny Siu Films (

(updated on 01/11/2016) This beautiful wedding video is featured on La Bride website today.

Liberty Palace Bankstown wedding :: Same Day Edit (SDE) - Van + Kevin (12 March 2016)

Same Day Edit (SDE) - Liberty Palace wedding Van and Kevin's wedding (12 March 2016)Congratulations Van and Kevin. It was my great pleasure of crafting this SDE video to show your love and joyfulness at the reception. Mass ceremony was held at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Mt Pritchard (, followed by wedding reception at Liberty Palace (

List of professionals:

Photographer: Ryan Hua Photography (
Entertainment: DJ Sumo Sounds (
Photo booth: Fave Events (

Le Montage Sydney Wedding - Jasveen + Ed's pre wedding party highlights

Le Montage Wedding - Jasveen and Ed's Indian pre-wedding reception partyIt was my great pleasure to film Jasveen and Ed's Indian pre wedding ritual and reception in Sydney. Jas and Ed are based in London and my first hearing impaired couple. They traveled back in Sydney to have a traditional celebration with their parents, relatives and friends here.

In the first day they had a traditional Maiya ceremony to ensure the security and safety of the bride or groom-to-be. Later in the day henna got drawn on Jas' hands and feet.

In the second day a pre wedding reception was taken place at Le Montage ( The highlights was a Jago ceremony that's a Punjabi wedding traditions. The Jago ceremony usually happens the night before a Punjabi wedding and is a chance for friends and family to rejoice and dance together in celebration.

Thank you once again to Jas and her parents for having me to be part of this fabulous celebration.

Photographer of the day: Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu (

Moby's Dick Whale Beach wedding :: being a wedding photographer for a day

Congratulations to my beloved sister in law Ivy and now brother in law Antonio. They flew from Hong Kong and had their wedding ceremony and reception at Moby's Dick Whale Beach. It was my great pleasure to be a wedding photographer for you both.

It's incredible working with Kim of Circle of Love who created a beautiful arch, and wedding celebrant Linda Marsden.

Ivy + AntonioWedding photography by Sunny Siu Videography
Ivy + AntonioWedding photography by Sunny Siu Videography
Ivy + AntonioWedding photography by Sunny Siu Videography

Circa 1876 Hunter Valley wedding - Aliyah and Srisak

I love capturing wedding videos in Hunter Valley, not just because it is picturesque, but also there is a lot of beautiful venues that wow. 1876 circa is one of my favorite wedding venues among those I've been to.
At the beginning I was trying to write something about this beautiful and emotional wedding of Aliyah and Srisak, However I think the best is to let the video speaks for itself. Enjoy.
Hunter Valley wedding :: Circa 1876 - Aliyah + SrisakA full of love and emotional wedding of Aliyah and Srisak. The wedding ceremony and reception were taken place at Circa 1876 Hunter Valley -

Vendors of the day:
Photography by Michal Kriesch -
Decoration by A & M Designs -
Candles by U Bean Scented -

Gears for shooting wedding videos

Should you wish to know what gears we bring to film wedding videos (based on two videographers). Here you go.


3 x Canon 5D Mark III as primary cameras
2 x Canon 5D Mark II as backup cameras.

Lenses (prime and zoom):
2 x Canon 70-200mm/f2.8 IS L
1 x Canon 24-70mm/f2.8 L
1 x Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm/f1.4
1 x Canon 35mm/f2 IS
1 x Samyang 24mm/f1.4
1 x Samyang 14mm/f2.8
1 x Canon 50mm/f1.4
1 x Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro
Tripods etc:
2 x tripods
2 x monopods,
1 x slider,
2 x Glidecams
2 x tripod heads for video
2 sets of Sennheiser wireless mics
1 x Zoom H6 sound recorder
1 x Zoom H4n sound recorder
2 x Zoom H1 sound recorder,
2 x Rode VideoMic Go
1 x Rode VideoMic Pro
2 headphones for monitoring
cables to accommodate most, if not all, input/output format.
20+ genuine Canon batteries for DSLRs
30+ AA batteries for audio equipments
4+ 9V batteries
1 x Dedolight for lighting up the dance floor
1 x LED light for backup
Memory card:
15+ 32GB high speed compact flash cards
15+ 32GB high speed SD cards

That's it. Thanks so much for reading.

Peppers Creek Barrel Room Hunter Valley wedding - Susan + Justin (22th March 2015)

While I was driving to Hunter Valley to film Susan + Justin's wedding, the road was wet, the rain didn't seem to stop. I kept on thinking it's going to be my very first wet wedding shoot (well, I admit that I never filmed a wet wedding). After one and a half hours drive, exiting the freeway to Cessnock, thirty minutes away from Hunter Valley, the weather changed dramatically, I saw blue sky, dry road....

I didn't meet Susan and Justin before their wedding day because they are based in Canberra, they booked me after we had a chat on the phone. I truly appreciate their trust in me. I extracted few motion stills of the day here. Their video will be available within short, stay tuned.

Susan + Justin's wedding was at Peppers Creek Village Hunter Valley
Susan + Justin's wedding was at Peppers Creek Village Hunter Valley
Susan + Justin's wedding was at Peppers Creek Village Hunter Valley
Susan + Justin's wedding was at Peppers Creek Village Hunter Valley

Same Day Edit - Adrienna + Benson's wedding

(November 2014, Sydney) We had too much fun to film the wedding of Adrienna and Benson and I believe this SDE video speaks for itself. The day started with bride and groom's preparations, followed by traditional Chinese tea ceremonies, church ceremony. A wedding reception was at Dockside Cockle Bay.

Dockside Cockle Bay wedding - Adrienna + Benson (Same Day Edit, SDE)We had so much fun on the day filming this video although it was a long and busy day. The day started from Bride and Groom's preparation, and then door games, tea ceremonies, church cermony, photo shoot and reception. The ceremony was at St Mary's Church at North Sydney. The reception was at Dockside, Cockle Day Wharf.

Prewedding film of Sandy + Aung

Last week I spent two days to make a short film that tells the love story of Sandy and Aung who are getting married in December 2014. We filmed at few locations across Sydney, got tanned under the sun for the entire day, everyone was tired but fun. This short video is at the final stage of editing and will be played during the wedding reception of Sandy + Aung held overseas.

Photo above: the setup of interviewing

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

I live in Sydney since 1995 but today is my very first time to visit Chinese Garden of Friendship. Many thanks to Betty and Andrew invited me to their ceremony rehearsal where I could have a look the venue as part of my shooting preparation. I can't wait to film their wedding here this Saturday.

Don't be that guy.

I believe that most wedding photographers and videographers would agree that it happens almost in every wedding.

Vivian + Dennis - a traditional Chinese wedding

This is one of the wedding videos (highlights) that I love so much. Vivian and Dennis are a good friend of mine and we know each other for some years. Their wedding was a traditional wedding including tea ceremony at both family's house, full of fun and tears. And there's a lot of fun during the door ceremony especially the bridal party gave some difficult tasks to Dennis, waxing his legs was the most painful one, I know I shouldn't but I couldn't stop laughing while filming this moment and at the same time I had to make sure the camera wasn't shaking. Vivian and Dennis was a lovely couple which really made this highlights so enjoyable to watch again and again.

Elizabeth + Andrew - feature highlights

I really loved and enjoyed filming Elizabeth and Andrew's wedding. Fun, smiles, tears, sadness all happened in a day. Remarkable and unforgettable. Like other weddings that I filmed, it's truly candid, no posing or acting, simply captured the true moments of the day. I hope you'll like this highlights as I do.

You can watch their film here: