Le Montage Wedding - Jasveen and Ed's Indian pre-wedding reception party

It was my great pleasure to film Jasveen and Ed's Indian pre wedding ritual and reception in Sydney. Jas and Ed are based in London and my first hearing impaired couple. They traveled back in Sydney to have a traditional celebration with their parents, relatives and friends here.

In the first day they had a traditional Maiya ceremony to ensure the security and safety of the bride or groom-to-be. Later in the day henna got drawn on Jas' hands and feet.

In the second day a pre wedding reception was taken place at Le Montage (www.lemontage.com.au/). The highlights was a Jago ceremony that's a Punjabi wedding traditions. The Jago ceremony usually happens the night before a Punjabi wedding and is a chance for friends and family to rejoice and dance together in celebration.

Thank you once again to Jas and her parents for having me to be part of this fabulous celebration.

Photographer of the day: Sydney Wedding Photography by Katsu (www.sydneyweddingphotograph...)

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